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Where To Buy
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Stethoscope for sale NZ

Buying a 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope in New Zealand

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Look out for our Authorised eCommerce Distributor Logo

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    When you buy online from an authorised 3M™ Littmann® New Zealand distributor, you can rest assured your stethoscope purchase is genuine and backed by an authentic 3M™ Littmann® local warranty. Simply look out for the logo on the left.

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Purchase a 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope of your choice from these online and retail stores:

Stethoscopes & Stethoscope Accessories

Ensure that you buy from an Authorised New Zealand Distributor to receive a genuine Littmann® stethoscope. Use the drop down box to choose how you wish to buy your new 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope or Accessories.

Do you want to buy Online?

Distributor Website
Shoof International Ltd www.shoof.co.nz
USL Medical www.uslmedical.co.nz
PHL Medical www.phlmed.co.nz
Amtech Medical www.amtech.co.nz
Esteem Healthcare www.esteemhealthcare.co.nz
General Medical Supplies www.genmed.co.nz
Medisave Australasia Ltd www.medisave.co.nz
Capes Medical www.capesmedical.co.nz

Do you want visit a retail store?

Distributor Location Phone
Amtech Medical Onehunga Auckland 0800 268 324
Allied Medical Ltd North Harbour Auckland 0800 31 61 81
Esteem Healthcare Mt Wellington Auckland 0800 427 968
Ind First Aid Supplies Ltd Penrose Auckland 08 579 5733
Reid Technology Ltd North Harbour Auckland 0508 4 76527
Bentra Services Ltd Rosedale Auckland 0800 20 20 12

Do you have an account with a Medical or Veterinary Distributor?

Distributor Location Phone
Capes Medical Papamoa 0800 18 19 19
EBOS Group Ltd Auckland 0800 104 401
Medent Agencies Upper Hutt 0800 263 3368
Shoof International Ltd Cambridge 0800 800 801
USL Medical Auckland 0800 658 814
Amtech Medical Auckland 0800 268 324
Esteem Healthcare Auckland 0800 427 968
Ind First Aid Supplies Ltd Auckland 08 579 5733
Provet NZ Pty Ltd Auckland 09 920 4440
Provet NZ Pty Ltd Christchurch 03 338 7400
Provet NZ Pty Ltd Palmerston North 06 355 5454
SVS Veterinary Supplies Hamilton 0800 808 387
SVS Veterinary Supplies Christchurch 0800 808 387
SVS Veterinary Supplies Palmerston North 0800 808 387